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All types of Non-woven Bags

Different sizes and colours available

Khaki Bags

Different sizes available

About Us

We at Swiss Packaging & General Supplies Ltd deal with all types of non-woven bags, khaki bags (grocery & millinery bags), paper bags, waste papers, diapers, serviettes, sacks (gunia) of all sizes, sellotapes & masking tapes, disposable cups & plates, tissue papers, drinking straws, toothpick, washing powder, toothpaste & toothbrushes, sisal & nylon ropes, vegetable nets & […]

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We at Swiss Packaging & General Supplies Ltd believe that information is power. A well informed customer is a rich customer. Therefore, we have lined up great offers and coupons just-for-you-and-your-business. With Swiss Packaging & General Supplies Ltd as your supplier, you are destined for success. Kindly Contact us and drop your order now. We have these for you…..

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We offer a wide range of packaging material and other wonderful products for you.   Please choose from the below variety, our customer service crew is waiting for your order..

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Kindly Contact Us Through: Mobile: 0720-334-926 | 0720-203-204 | 0727-334-926 You can also leave us a message here.  

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