About Swiss Packaging Limited

Our Story

We are the leading wholesaler and retail packaging suppliers in Nairobi. 

Trusted suppliers of all Packaging materials, both in wholesale and retail.

Ask for non WOVEN bags, shopping bags, disposable cups, plates, forks and knives, khaki papers and bags, food containers, nets, cling films and ALUMINIUM foils, drinking straws, sisal ropes and Baler twines, cake and pizza boxes, chips Wrappers, old newspapers, coffee cups, and much more.

Our products are of impeccable quality and our prices are pocket friendly.

We deliver countrywide using a reliable network of couriers.

We are reachable via our friendly customer service crew on call, social media, website and emails.


Why Choose Us

Fast Delivery

We believe in timely consignments. We therefore ensure that your orders are delivered within the shortest time possible, normally under 24 hours.

Secure Payment

All our payments are done in a secure, transparent manner. We issue receipts and with e-notifications whenever possible to guarantee transparency.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team is there to assist complete your order in good time and provide you with the answer to your valued query in the shortest time possible.